Flowerwings Cargo B.V. was founded in Amsterdam as an independent air cargo agent in May 2003. The origin of the company is in Kenya where the parent company, Flowerwings Kenya Ltd. is located.

This company manages the transport of large quantities of flowers and other perishable goods to the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. The basic idea in founding Flowerwings Cargo B.V. was to create a single company that would provide door-to-door service from Kenya without the efforts of any intermediaries. Flowerwings has now been the first and only company to achieve this goal.

By now Flowerwings Cargo B.V. also services from other countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and many other countries around the world from which perishable goods are exported.

Flowerwings Cargo B.V. has an up-to-date refrigerated fleet of lorries equipped with roller beds for general cargo ULD's up to 3 metres in height. The lorries are also equipped with a tail-lift to enable the loading and off loading of various forms of cargo.

At our location in Schiphol-South Flowerwings Cargo B.V. has all the facilities for receiving your shipments and storing them - under temperature-controlled conditions if necessary - until delivery to the airline or the final consignee. The warehouse has a storage capacity of 1.300 mē including a refrigerated warehouse with a capacity of 700 mē.

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Our import services

Flowerwings Cargo B.V. provides customs clearance and the transport of full charter flights as well as individual shipments to their final destination.

Included in these services are:

  • Customs clearance of your import shipments
  • Requesting the E.V.P.D. (the electronic pre-announcement of plants and animals)
  • The provision of T1 documents for transport under customs supervision
  • Any physical inspections of your shipment at our location
  • Transport to final destination
  • Refrigerated storage

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Our Export services

Through our facilities at Schiphol South we are in a perfect position to provide export services as well. Both by air and by sea we arrange transportation from the Netherlands all over the world. One of our specialities is the provisioning of nurseries and farms in Africa with what they all need from the Netherlands.

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In short:
Flowerwings Cargo B.V. is your perfect partner for air cargo, sea cargo, storage, customs clearance and or the road transport of your perishable cargo.

Our address:

Flowerwings Cargo BV
Noordpolderweg 17
1432 JH Rozenburg

Tel 020-6543240
Fax 020-6537634


Registration with the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam under number; 34189505